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Apr 17, 2007
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I have a 5 year old rabbit, Treacleand we just got a new rescue bunny, Rosco. The problem we are having is that Rosco keeps mounding Treacle. At first Treacle ran away then she just layed still and let her. Then Rosco began nipping at Treacle's back and pulling out fur. Then Rosco went off and if Treacle moved even slightly Rosco would squeek at would begin nipping around Treacle's back, rear and trying to get at her belly.

I understand this is to do with dominance but it just seems so cruel, Treacle looks so sad when its happening. I just dont know what to do. Could anyone help?

Oh yes both rabbits are female and neither are spayed, I believe.
Rosco is showing that she is now in charge. It's normal my buns did that. Treacle is submitting when she lies still. That's what Rosco wants. I don't now how to stop, or if you should stop it. We didn't and ours turned out fine. I say just let them decide and eventualy it'll be over and one will be the boss.


Ahh thankyou!

I was browsing google and a website reccommended using a soft toy, putting it with one bunny to get their scent, then with the other. I did that and although treacle ignored it, Rosco began mounting it and nipping it. Treacle then came down and Rosco didn't mount her! She gave her a few nips but then lowered her head for Treacle to groom her and now they are running around together and seem okay. If anything Rosco seems nervous of Treacle!I hope it lasts!

edit: 2 seconds later and they are fighting! ugh!
Sounds like things are going ok so far - you need to seperate them as soon as you see real agression - a bit of mounting and nipping is fine, but try to seperate them on a good note instead of letting it progress to them fighting.

Keep doing what you're doing - it just takes time. Another thing to try is to do a bonding session on top a washing machine or dryer that is on. It introduces a small bit of stress, and they tend to turn to each other for comfort. That or car rides are also good. Car rides were the breakthrough for me.

Also, you can try to maybe give them some food and treats when they are out together to take their minds off each other and occupy some of their time...


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