Doe HATES Buck after her spay

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Apr 1, 2023
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Islington, N1
Hello all,

My Doe Roo has just come back from her spay two days ago. Her bonded companion, a neutered male buck, came with her. After we all came home, everything seemed fine, my buck was grooming her and making sure she was ok, but by the night, Roo began to run from him as if he is a rabbit-eating fiend. And my buck, all confused, will follow her which makes her dart away again.
I have separated them for now in different enclosures but side by side. Still, it makes me really worried that they will never bond again.
Before Roo's spay, she was absolutely head over heals for our little guy, always grooming him and snuggling. And now I just look at these earlier pictures of them flopping together and feel a lot of despair.
She also has become a completely different rabbit, much more destructive and on edge. She didn't have any behavior issues before her spay, we just spayed her to prevent cancer, but now I'm wondering if that was the right decision since it seems to have taken away all of her happiness and cheer...

If someone has gone through a similar thing, PLEASE let me know!!!!!!!!!
Just to add more detail, they have no issues meeting behind cages, Roo would even actively seek him out just to touch noses. But once I let them back together, she avoids him like he's the plague. Safe to say, the other bunny is very sad and confused.
She's just barely recovering from a huge invasive medical procedure. She'll be a little out of sorts for several days to weeks. This can sometimes mess with the hormones, and you'll actually see a surge of hormonal behavior, before it gradually dissapates. So hang in there.

The main thing to worry about right now, is making sure she is back to eating and drinking normally, making sure she isn't messing with the incision site and trying to chew at it, and restricting her activity for 7-10 days so she has enough time to heal and doesn't damage anything internally. Usually after 2-4 weeks, you'll see the hormones subside and behavior gradually improving.
Yes I was thinking she is probably just a bit stressed after the surgery (maybe in a bit of pain) and she may need some space to herself for a few days. One of my bunnies got hurt (no operation), and she got very stressed and cross with her other friends if they came near her. I put her in her own cage till she was all better (a couple of weeks), and then gradually put her back in to join her friends, and she was her old self again.

So she may need a bit of space for a few days
I wonder if she is in pain, or perhaps feeling stressed after her surgery? Was she given any pain relief?
I think so as well, poor Roo...
I force fed her pain meds and critical care on our second day home, but after the first force feed fortunately she was able to eat again and would take them mixed with mashed bananas! She doesn't seem in pain anymore, but there's always chances that she is a bit sore...