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Mar 4, 2004
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Sharon, Pennsylvania, USA
Another reader wrote:
Can you tell me why my rabbit has started to dig up my grass?
we have had it for 2 years and it has just started.

I was hoping for some advice as well in reference to digging....(maybe another inventive idea like the tarp one Carolyn used :D) Out of the two girls, one is a fierce digger (she has a corner in the l/r to dig in too) but insists on "digging" which is more or less scratching the couch....how do you propose I curb this habit? She isn't getting anything out of it (as opposed to doing it in "her" corner where the newspaper flies and she has a HOOT!!)


Hi Cher,

I think you just have to experiment and try different things and hope it catches on. Since the digging is a natural instinct, it seems that little Miss HAS to do this in order to feel that her day is complete. I put an oblong basket with a cloth covering down for Tucker. (Actually, my sister got it for Xmas and didn't want it. I put it on the floor and Tucker did a flop inside of it the minute he investigated it. Love those flops bunnies do!) Last night he was digging in there and my neice, nephew and I were laughing at him because he was obviously on a mission.

The way he goes, I'd say he's digging a hole to China--just to see those little trouble makers of yours. The basket provides him a corner.The other thing he loves to do is if I have his travel cage out with some fresh litter in there, he'll get in there and dig until all of the litter is pushed out of the travel cage. Always angling toward the corner, mind you. I'd try to create an area that mimics a corner for him and just try different things. Get a cardboard box, put newspaper in there, see if he'll dig at that, or put a towel in there. They usually like fussing with a towel.

Good Luck! If you find something that works, do tell me as I'm curious now.

P.S. I can't take credit for the tarp. I think that was Trobles1, but not sure.

Hi Cher, My 2 adult buns love to dig in card board boxes. As a matter of fact they are highly entertained by a box. They jump up on them, dig, peel away the card board and hide in there. I put an old rug in the box and they like this also. I warn you though they do make a mess sometimes-pieces of card board everywhere! Another fun thing for them to do is dig in, rearrange and scrunch up towels. They think it is great fun to play in the towels when mom is doing laundry and the towels are sorted out in a big pile. Before they are washed of course! Some buns like card board toilet paper andpaper towel rolls to play with. It is like Carolyn says,experiment to see what your buns like.I just recently bought my 2 a plastic Slinky and that idea came from one of Carolyn's posts. Try different things but keep in mind the safety issues. Good to talk to you. Beckie:)

Hi Becky,

You bring up an important point about toys. I find that distraction is half the battle. Toys certainly help. Things I have to keep Tucker from being bored are:

-apple wood to chew on
-toilet paper rolls
-he always moves my sneakers when I leave them under the coffee table.Makes him so mad that I leave them there, but I laugh at how much attitude he has when he tosses them out of his 'area'.
-socks annoy him too
-a straw mat for him to chew on
-a paper bag (he'll dig in there as well)
-a plastic ball that he nudges out of his way
-an old telephone book
-a towel and the slinky as you said
-unlimited timothy hay
-old games that I don't use, but he likes to chew on the boxes
-stuffed animals are in his cage and he uses them as a pillow, but he likes to toss them too.
-a rabbit jelly bean dispenser that has crimped oats in it and he has to roll it for the oats to fall out.

All that and the little bugger still gets in trouble, but he does hop from one thing to another and does seem to keep from being bored. He binkies a whole lot, I can tell you that!

Greetings Carolyn, You have given me lots of ideas sinceI came to this forum. I was looking for ways to entertain my little boy Trouble. He is a busy bunny and gets bored in his cage. My next project is to get both of them some apple wood. Right now they have something called lava bytes and Trouble destroys them and Trixie could care less about them. Trixie is a very laid back lazy bunny so she does not care if she has toys in her cage.

However,she does love being out and she will play with the Slinky.I have enjoyed hearing Tucker stories since I found this forum. For such a small bunny he has a big personality. I know what you mean about talking to them. When Trouble is getting into thingsI will call out his name and he will ignore me. So then, I will say Little Boy!, ( in a louder voice) he will stop what he is doing and turn to look at me. They are so funny! I guess you can tell that I enjoy them so much. I never knew that rabbits had so much personality.

Good to talk to you!

Hi 2bunmom,

Yea, don't you love it when they play 'dumb bunny'? For such big ears, they sure are selective in what they hear!

If you email me your address, I'll send you a dry log of apple wood. If you are able to get some and it's not dry, put it in the oven and bake it at 350 degrees for 1/2 hour to kill any bugs that are inside. Don't worry about them eating the bark. They love it, and if you leave the wood down, they'll gnaw away at it. The log in Tucker's cage is what is the one most shaved by him. His teeth are as sharp as a razor.

Fruit wood is excellent for their teeth because it's a very hard wood, so it keeps them filed down.

Thank you for the nice sentiments. Trouble and Trixie are lucky they have such a loving and kind mother.

Thanks for the offer of wood Carolyn but I know I can get some here. I live in North Carolina and they grow lots of apples here. I just didn't know about the apple wood untilI started to come to this forum.

Do you know when this forumstarted this new format? I haven't had a lot of time to be on the computer soI was surprised when I came to the forum and things had changed. I also wonder ,where is HankHanky and some of the other folks? Maybe they are here but they decided to take new names. How is Buck's little Missy doing?The last I have heard. she was doing pretty well. I hope that has continued.

Good talking to you Carolyn.
Hi 2bunmom,

The others like the old format better. If you have a reply to an old message from that board, the Delphi forum remains intact. Rabbits Only, the magazine, changed companies from Delphi to this format. I enjoy the old format better, myself, but stop here to check to see if any 'new' people that check out the R.O. site need help. Everyone's still around, they're just on the Delphi forum.

Missy is doing great! She's 100% back to her old self. Half sugar, half spice. Gotta take the good with the bad, I suppose, but as Buck says:"When she's good, she's excellent, when she's bad, she's terrible!" She keeps them hopping, that's for sure, but she's completely well. Buck will thank you for asking.

The address of the old format is:http://forums.delphiforums.com/RabbitsOnly

Much love to little Trixie and Trouble. The pleasure was mine in chatting with you, Beckie.

Hi Carolyn, Thanks for the information. I was missing the feel of the old forum. There are things I like about this forum,but it just does not feel the same. I know, most folks do not like change but that is how we experience new things and grow as people.I guess things change so much in my work life that I like to have somethings stay the same. I think I will do the same as you and go to both forums.

Hi Beckie,

I like the old format better than this as well. This one feels somewhat cold to me, but it is what it is. It was kind of Danielle not to delete it completely. I just miss the other group as they have such valuable points and information to add. I'm grateful to Pamnock for making it one of her stops. She can answer just about any question about rabbits,whereas my knowledge is very limited.

Thanks for writing. You're really a very sweet person. Give those two troublemakers, Trixie and Trouble, a squeeze for me.

This apple wood of which you speak..would you be so kind as to send me their email address?my email addy is [email protected].

I would love to send a money order and get some shipped here to Taiwan (I know it sounds like a hassle but believe me, it is less of one than trying to get such a product here, the rabbit paraphernalia is seriously lacking here unless of course you want to pump your bunny full o sugar and other "cute" owner friendly items..)

As far as my problem with digging on the couch-(not ME diggin of course*wink*) The way I figure it, Jade is trying to dig to Canada...haha~seriously though, they have the whole 9 yards of boxes full of paper, tissue rolls, hiding area's behind the couch-a box with special digging holes in it they made themselves..a corner in the living room filled to the brim with newspaper (shipped from Canada cause I don't know what kind of ink they use here in Taiwan) yada yada yada

My confusion lays with IF they have these digging area's any idea WHY they are uselessly digging on either parts ofa plastic floor orthe leather (where they are not scratching it YET) couch? I just had their nails looked at by the vet, and they do not need a trim-and they are not digging on the hardwood floor (which we of the human persuasion would think would be the most beneficial since it's WOOD....)

I think I have included all the info to assess the situation......let me know what you all think :)

Hi HB104,

I'd be happy to send you the last two pieces of apple logs that I have left. I'll be sure to include some newspaper. You don't have to send a money order, just send me pictures of your devilish two.

I know what you mean about the digging not happening on wood.Tucker doesn't dig on my wooden floors either. Seems that there's no payoff as they don't effect the wood. He does dig at a plastic bag I have under his cage to protect the floor of urine stains that might escape as he urinates in his cage. He loves to dig at that plastic bag. It gives him a 'reaction' by crumpling up and taking on a different form. You said they're not digging on the leather couch, is that correct?

I don't think I'm clear on the question you're asking. Please help me understand if I haven't helped and if I can't, perhaps someone else reading this will.

NO NO NO they ARE diggin on the leather couch *sniff sniff* and it hasn't done anything yet..........operative word being YET....ackkkkkkkkk, my question was basically WHY O WHY?? when it is useless-


As far as the applewood goes, HOLY. I can't just have you ship it on out here, its quite expensive...(from Canada anyhow to send here, so naturally I would assume the same with the U.S.)

I would send you pic's though-:D-carried a few around to show my kids at the schools before sending them back home. Oh yeah, proud mama!!
Hi HB104,

You're not putting me off; I'm happy to help you. I've sent you two emails to get your address. Don't know whether they're getting through or not as I haven't heard from you.

As Pamnock said earlier, digging is just what rabbits do.Don't know exactly why the leather couch appeals to them, but for some reason, they're getting something out of it. Maybe they like the feel of the leather. Just keep those little nails trimmed so that they don't damage themselves or the couch.

That is just plain ol' odd, hotmail shouldn't because sensitive-BUT in case I am wrong try [email][email protected][/email]

I just checked my hotmail and nada :shock:so either there is some serious packet-loss (really with TWO emails) grrrrrrr or they are taking their sweet time in getting here.

Thanks so much Carolyn


Hi Cher,

Click on my name and send me an email with your address. I've typed in the address correctly. Don't know what's goin' on.

Your email addy is not highlighted so I can't do so (it isn't in your profile) did you want me to pm you instead?

I got it!! Yay, it'll go in the mail today, Chicky.

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