Denying your rabbit veterinary care is Animal Cruelty

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Dec 6, 2006
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Part of owning or caring for an animal, any animal, is being responsible for every aspect of its care.
Regardless of how big or small, expensive or cheap the animal was when you got it, or what you intend to use it for, they all deserve the best care available.

Owning an animal can get expensive. While it may be possible to predict what general care costs month to month, unexpected expenses can often pop up. Injury and illness can lead to costly veterinary bills so it is best to be prepared if something does happen. Everyone needs to understand that animals cost money.

Denying any animal veterinary care when it is needed is unacceptable.
Denying any animal veterinary care when it is needed is Animal Cruelty.

Refusing to vet an animal in need goes against what RabbitsOnline believes in. RabbitsOnline is here to ensure all rabbits live a happy and healthy life, which means receiving necessary veterinary care.
Denying your rabbit veterinary care is Animal Cruelty and will not be tolerated here.


There are no excuses for denying the animal in need from seeing a vet. If your parents or children were gravely ill or seriously injured, would you not take them to a Doctor?
Our animals deserve the same treatment.
Our animals also deserve routine care that can and will prevent them from getting ill or injured. This may mean vaccinations, tooth trimming, or seeing the vet before the minor issues gets even worse.

Prey animals in particular are so good at hiding their illness or injury that by the time we see it, it's likely been going on for awhile. Making getting them to a Veterinary Professional, all the more important.

Many vets will actually work with their clients in event of an emergency to ensure the animal in need, receives proper care. You can also search for a local 'Low Cost Clinic'. Ask a friend or family member for help. There are even companies out there that assist with financing for emergencies like this.

Canada's Veterinary Financing Company.

Farley Foundation - Ontario Canada

Care Credit Veterinary Financing - USA

Non basic non urgent care - USA

American Veterinary Medical Association - Read through the article, some links located near bottom

A quick google search will bring up many more options.

Or better yet, apply for pet insurance! If you can't find an insurance company that you like or will cover the types of pets you have, it is really easy to start saving up. Start by putting aside $10 or $20 a month. Your age should not matter. There are jobs out there for just about anyone including teenagers. Paper routes, odds and ends, babysitting, gardening, etc. Those who are not old enough to be earning their own money should have a responsible adult in charge of the animals care.

If you refuse to spend the money on your animals, the next best thing for it would be to immediately surrender it to someone who will. Many local rescues or shelters will take in animals in need to get them the veterinary care they deserve.

No animal deserves to suffer just because you don't want to pay for it.

There is no excuse for denying your animal the care it needs.

If you can't afford a vet, then you can't afford a pet.
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