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Sep 17, 2006
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, Ontario, Canada
Since I have read that so many buns on here love Craisins, I bought a package (the Ocean Spray brand). I noticed on the package it says they are sweetened (sugar added). Is this okay? Is this the type everyone here gives their rabbits as a treat? Of course, I will be giving them very sparingly. I just want to make sure the kind I bought is okay.
Those are the kind I use. You are right though, sparingly. Which is really hard to do , especially when they beg.
I give mine 2 small ones wrapped together about every other day or if I am trying to lure them back into their cages at bedtime or clip nails or some big thing like that. But once I have gotten them trained I back off of the Craisins.

The ones with added sugar are okay.
As you mentioned, they should be given sparingly.

Sugary stuffgives two of my buns soft poops, so I'm careful about what I give them.

I buy my craisins at the farmer's market.....all natural - no added sugar - no preservatives.


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