Coal-goobye my little old girl.

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As I'm sure she is thinking of you also and the brave decision that you made for her and thanking you for that. She is probably thinking of the 13 plus great years that you gave her and shared with her.
:hearts: Maybe posting a tribute to her might help? Pick out all those favorite pictures, no matter how many, and collage them together.

So very sorry.
I know--we have a ton of great pics and even more great memories. Still, I miss her and all my bridge bunnies and the fact I'll never see them binky here again. "Tempus Fugit".
I'm so sorry for your loss..i know that terrible feeling when you have to make that awful decision....been there to many times..
Thanks Larry for sharing some pics of Coal. Hoping this sadness will eventually turn to happy memories of her. She was a sweetie. Loved seeing her lounge like that.

Just remember you are in our thoughts. Stay safe.

Larry....just saw this now. Makes me tear up a bit because I think about how attached i already am to Agnes. I understand how much joy these little buns bring to our lives.

So sorry for your loss of Coal. Sounds like you gave her a great life for many years. Enjoy the pics and the memories as much as you can. Hang in there.
Somehow I missed this when you first posted. I'm so sorry for your loss of this gorgeous, comical, sweet and joyful, irreplacable "blob" of love. I fell in love with the pictures of her! She was fortunate to spend such a long life with a wonderful bunnylover like you! But I know that doesn't make it easier. You and Coal are in my thoughts and prayers. Harvey and Halo and I will light a candle for her tonight.

Binkie Free, Coal. We'll see you at the Bridge.
:rainbow::pink iris::rainbow::pink iris::rainbow::pink iris:
Thanks again everyone. I do miss my little "Bug" everyday. She was in our lives for such a long time that it still doesn't feel right that she's gone. She was such a happy little girl and too darned smart. If you left the chair at the computer out she was up and busy in no time. No type of flooring would slow her down. There was no food that she didn't like--why she weighed 9 pounds when we first adopted her. I probably should have had her PTS sooner, but I couldn't bear to and instead helped her with things as much as I could as she was still eating fine, just couldn't get around like before. It has always been the hardest decision to make even though you know it's right. Binky at the bridge and nuzzle all of our other bunnies there little girl.
I totally understand. I'm having some teary days for Scout lately, too. It is a missing of joy, a look in the eyes, a feel of silky fur, a pattering of feet...a feeling that no one will ever be that glad to see me again...just doesn't go away. Love and hugs from me and Harvey and Halo.

Binkie Free, Coal!
I hope you know that no one on the planet has ever been loved more!

:rainbow::pink iris::rainbow:
I am very sorry for your loss. She is beautiful and SO adorable. Both you and her will be in my thoughts:hearts:
I miss Coal a bunch, always a happy girl when rubbed her ears or her sides, I miss when I was house sitting in California in the old house when I would be sitting by the computer and just like Bun she would nudge my arm for attention
Where does the time go. It's already been a year since you've been gone my little bug. Sure do miss you and the bunny room just is the same without you all flat out on the floor enjoying the cool tile. We miss you so.

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