Causes of Sudden Death in Small Animals

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Great Post Pam :

One definately for the RabbitBinder . and any other small breedbinder.
Extremely interesting. Thank you, Doc. Right into my binder too.


Thanks for the info, Pam.:)

When I went to the sheep and wool festival last weekend, they had a small zoo set up for the kids. They had two beautiful reindeer, which look like pretty hardy animals. But when we talked to the owner, she said that they show no signs of disease, so she has to take their temperature twice a day and immediately put them on antibiotics if anything is out of the ordinary. I had no idea they were so delicate!
Yet another interesting article. Pam is on a roll! :thanks:
Inbreeding (or line-breeding, a less intensive form of inbreeding) is very common among breeders of any animals. It's very difficult to get consistent qualities unless some form of inbreeding is used. Generally, breeders choose to use animals descended from one outstanding individual that consistently passes on desirable traits.

". . . those inbred families or lines composed of individuals that possess a preponderance of desirable genes fixed in the homozygous state not only will permanently retain their superiority for traits selected but also will consistently transmit such superiority to their offspring. The phenomenon is referred to as prepotency." The 8th edition of Rabbit Production, pg. 303


Here is an excellent article on line breeding dogs (these principles apply to all species). It makes the important point that, without any type of inbreeding, we would not have unique individual breeds -- there would be no "purebred" individual breeds. Separate breeds are developed and maintained through various types of inbreeding.


Pam, where is that article you told me about on self-mutilating rabbits?
I seen two live Reindeer last night at a Christmas celebration.. Dummy me actully forgot they are real animals. You don't see them too often and guess I was thinking they were just made up. Silly me. :bunnydance:

Aww I love reindeer! On the way to my nan's house we have to go through a massive deer park near an Abbey. And you have to sometimes stop to let them cross the road. They are so cute with their fluffy antlers and their white arses:).

I remember when i was little we was going to my nans for christmas, went through the deer park and there wasn't a reindeer in sight so my mum told me that santa has taken all the reindeer and I believed
I always am interested in causes of sudden death, because I had an apparently perfectly healthy flemish doe just drop this summer. She was so beautiful. When I went out to the barn one evening, she was fine, I even had her out grooming her and such cause I was getting ready to show her that weekend. Everything seemed fine. The next am when I went out to feed, she was dead. I cried so loud, my husband heard me from in the house and came running out to see what was wrong. Her name was Lucy.

I love your avatar, Linz, very cool.

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