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Caption Contest #81 Winner!

  • TinysMom..."You can't prove a thing..."

  • Nancy McClelland...The real trick was getting the lid closed!

  • Anaira...The kids did it! I saw them!

  • Must_Love_Pets...Men just don't know how to change a toilet paper roll.

  • Tweetiepy...I tried my best, but these darn extra soft rolls of toilet tissue last forever! Now I'll

  • Pet_Bunny...The maid is obviously late.

  • Elf Mommy...I want you to consider this the next time you're thinking about withholding the Craisins

  • justjen114..."Potty training these humans is SUCH a chore.... when will they ever learn good po

  • plasticbunny...What's worse...a bull in a china shop, or a bun in a bathroom?

  • jujub793...i didn't do it nobody saw me do it, you can't prove anything!!

  • funnybunnymummy..."No, I'm quite certain you're supposed to clean that up."

  • Cimaninamon...I told you! I wanted the Charmin Ultra Soft Double Rolls! My hind quarters are too sen

  • MiniLopHop...The cat did it!

  • hoodiez54321...Hi. I'm your Hygiene Expert.

  • Spot..."What can I say? Me wanted to try to be like a kitty"

  • birdlover...The devil made me do it!!!

  • JimD...Human Psych Test #81. A) Will the human say the roll is half full...or half empty? B) Will th

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Elf Mommy

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Apr 19, 2004
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Elven Grove, Florida, USA


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May 22, 2012
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How did I miss this?!?!?

Awesome. Smiling all the way through...