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  • Tweetiepy...Oh great now they've got me composing for carrots!

  • luna21...hey ma look at me ma, I'm playing da chop sticks, can i have a treat now? can I?

  • Nancy McClelland...Will work for food. Now all I have to do is get this piano moved to a place near

  • LuellaJean...Who needs piano lessons when you can play by ear?

  • hotmaildeal...I really don't know where the slaves got this mini-piano, but it won't stop me from ge

  • Anaira...This 'piano' thing looks expensive. I bet it tastes good, too.

  • Pipp...Superstar Songwriter Cozy Bunny's Muse Revealed!

  • Nancy McClelland...You can tune piano but you can't tuna fish! Besides, I'd rather do carrot sticks

  • Pet_Bunny...They think I'm Billy Joe the Piano Man. They better start paying me more than a single c

  • JimD..."Thank you, thank you... I'm here till Tuesday... try the carrots..."

  • AtomicGummieBear...Request are played by carrot size, biggest get's played first.

  • TinysMom...I'm telling you - the best songs are inspired by BIGGER carrots than this.

  • funnybunnymummy...A carrot? You expect musical genius of my calibre to play for a measly carrot? Whe

  • Must_Love_Pets...Only one more week of this and I can pay off my carrot dealer.

  • Koumyou_69...bunthoven 1st sonata in c major!

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