Can rabbits live peacefully in 3's?

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I am happy you found another black lop you like, and I am happy you seem to have come to a fix about Hope not being spayed yet...

I just have to say here that I drove 150 miles to get my new bun... But, I am a crazy...

I hope you work something out so that you can get this new bun... If thats what you really want..
Thanks :)

If I drove it would'nt be a problem really, but this bun lives about 200 miles away. I will just have to wait and see what her reply is.

Perhaps there are some folks here (or someone here may know some people) who live between you and the bunny. They might be willing to help with transport. If you are really interested, why not post a thread about it and see what kind of response you get?

-Mary Ellen
Could do, but the lady sent another message today staying that she is prepared to take him as far as Huddersfield as her parents live there which is a little closer to me....not much but closer is better.

Here's some more pics of him




He is a rescue case, hence his not so healthy looking fur. It does'nt look like I'm going to be able to meet him until the actual day of adoption, should I decide it's the right thing. He does look awfully cute to me. :)

Yes I am planning on bonding him with Hope first , once Harvey is neutered maybe introduce him or I may adopt another as a mate for Harvey.

Thats if I still feel ok about this new bun, which at the minute I do. The hard part is actually getting him since he lives so far away, I'm trying to think with my head and not my heart right now.

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