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May 25, 2023
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I found a bunny at a park, decided to keep her, and, surprise! She was pregnant and had 7 babies. I found homes for some but I still have 3 in need of homes (Thistle, Bramble, and Snapdragon). They're such sweet buns that I've toyed with the idea of keeping them all, but that is just a whole lot of bunnies and not really feasible for me right now.

DOB 05/25/2023. Near Charlottesville, VA. Must be able to show that you have an adequate enclosure.

Personality - Silently judging you; appreciates your admiration; probably a cat

Favorite activity - Sitting in small things, "If I fits, I sits."

Miscellaneous - Ridiculously adorable, soft, and floofy!

Personality - Sassy, playful, adventurous

Favorite activity - Parkour

Miscellaneous - She is the runt, but "though she be but little she is fierce."

Personality - Shy and sweet

Favorite activity - Stealth kisses (running up to give you kisses when you're not looking and then scampering away when you look over)

Miscellaneous - The most lustrous and silky fur!


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If only but I'm not able to set up a new area for a bunny until I get my bonus in November 🥺
Are they all females? Are they bonded?
Yes, all females and they're all together so they're pretty bonded. They groom each other and pile on top of each other, etc. It's very sweet. I wish I could keep them all together, but that's just too many bunnies for me.
Perhaps someone would be interested in adopting a trio. You could consider advertising them as a trio.
That would be wonderful, but 3 bunnies would probably be a bit much for most people. I am hoping they will be able to go somewhere where they would at least have one other bunny friend though.

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