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Aug 16, 2017
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My bunny is 7 years old and to date I have never noticed anything strange. His urine was occasionally too dark and I consulted a vet who said it is normal and according to her, it's getting darker with age, can be tinted by various foods, and if the bunny's behavior is otherwise normal, there was no need to worry. Today, late at night, when there is no possibility to contact any vet here until morning (it's a provincial town in Northern Spain, and only human emergencies are possible), I suddenly realized that he hasn't urinated for quite a long time. I also noticed in the last couple of days that he avoids juicy greens, which is quite unusual for him. He only takes a few bites of endive and leaves it to wither, which never happened before. Yesterday I offered him a tiny bit of banana and he just ignored it - for the first time in his life - which is another strange thing. Otherwise his appetite is quite normal in the context of hays and herbs. I gave him dry dandelion flowers and a piece of dandelion root and he ate with appetite. Is there any possibility to stimulate uropoiesis? how serious this situation can be?
If he really isn't urinating at all, it's very serious. Causes would be an obstruction or lack of sufficient fluid intake. He could have a stone or bladder sludge blocking the urinary tract, and the longer it remains blocked the severity of symptoms will increase, like lose of appetite due to pain. Or if it's due to dehydration and lack of thirst, this could be from a problem with the water or a medical issue like kidney problems or dental pain from an infection.

I would suggest phoning a knowledgeable rabbit vet first thing.

Thank you so much for your reply! when this started in the middle of the night I was really desperate! In the morning I got an emergency appointment in a clinic I knew. Luckily there was a good vet there, who is familiar with rabbits which doesn't happen often in Spain. She made full examination and found an incipient arthrosis of pelvic joints. She found fine fractures in the bones of the zone😣 which produced pain, due to which he couldn't defecate properly and maybe experienced loss of appetite because of pain too. Anyway we got a full-fledged stasis. I got meds and a schedule. I am introducing various stuff now and then, according to schedule. Just have had pulp of greens introduced into the capricious mouth. Mizu is fighting like a tiger. Hope gradually the performance, i.e. percentage of stuff effectively introduced will increase🥺...

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