Bunnies suddenly misbehaving?

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Jun 10, 2017
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My bunnies have been bonded for three and a half months. We've had them a little under a year and a half. They've been good rabbits for most of that time.
However, last night, Blackie Chan began mounting Big Wig again, for the first time since they began the bonding process again. This resulted in behaviors similar to when they begin fighting, however I did break it up. It happened twice more in a few hours and I seperated them for the night.
I reintrudouced them this morning and little to no mounting has happened. However, they, especially Blackie Chan, has been nibbling on the carpet, books, etc., and not willing to let me pick him up. Chan seems to be the one with most of the behavior issues as of late.
They are both neutered. As I mentioned in a previous post, we found a nail that appeared to be ripped out on the ground, and it looked to be Chan's. We've continued to monitor him since we found the nail; he is eating, pooping, drinking, and moving pretty normally. So a possible injury from the nail damage isn't infected... right? If there was an injury we have missed, are there any other behaviors other than the ones listed he might be exhibiting?
It might just be me overanalyzing the situation, but I'd also like to nip the rabbits' misbehavior in the bud, as well as address any possible factors or injuries that may be causing the behavior, if that makes sense.
Any input? Thank you for your help!