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Mar 25, 2018
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My friend and coworker is rehoming some of her rabbits and is entrusting her most darling angel boy to me! I have to wait like two more hours to bring him home so im just venting about how excited i am. I have his little enclosure set up next to my bed. A 4x2 grid run lined with puppy pads and these cute fleeces she also gave me. I set up a little covered bed also, I’m about to run out and buy a cute ceramic water bowl since i didnt realize until i was setting up the pen last night that i dont have one of those, oops!

oh the bunny though? 7 year old double maned REW lionhead named Muffin. He’s a therapy rabbit too, which is cool! He’s so fluffy and shedding so hard. Normally when i groom my rabbits, I put on an episode of Hannibal while I work. For him, I’ll probably need a marathon lol
Speaking of, though — anybody else with lion heads have any grooming tips/suggestions? My lionlop has a silky mane which doesnt require a lot of grooming besides maybe picking out some tangles every other week.
behold the difference lol431A1704-D7FA-42A7-897D-B581E0D7FF4D.jpeg45C77A93-84C0-42D5-9693-6DB592992728.jpeg
Aww! They are both the cutest! I love Lionheads! Do you plan on bonding them?
I don't have any grooming tips because I have a Mini Rex with the shortest fur ;)
I was actually thinking of bonding him with my holland lop because my lionlop has TOO much energy for this old man (even though they’re the same age lol) im just hesitant because my holland has a weaker immune system, making him prone to mites and infections and i dont want to put something with that much fluff at risk

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