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Happy Hollands

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Jan 13, 2020
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Seattle, WA
Some options I've used in the past... I really hope this helps! If so, comment and leave a like :) feel free to add to this list, these are just the tricks and tips that I have found to helpful over the years!

-massage vent area until she lifts - most effective to "get them in the mood". Ideally, her vent should be dark red / purple. If it's white / light light pink, you have a smaller chance of her becoming pregnant. However, don't give up! I have had a doe who had a light pink vent when bred and she had a successful litter of 8.
-Have the doe and buck switch cages overnight to get used to new scents
-give a splash of apple cider vinegar into doe and bucks water a few days prior to breeding to help balance hormones
-try a new buck! sometimes does are picky about their boys ;)
-new location. try out in the grass, a different cage, etc. always put the buck in first and give him time (30 minutes ideally) to mark his territory so there is minimal distractions.
-leave them together overnight (if, and only if, they are not aggressive)! Some other breeders disagree, but if you know the animals and they will not hurt each other, they are most active during the night so you have the highest chance for her to "take" to the breeding.
-give it time. If she's not in the mood, try again another day.

Lastly, don't force it. Table breeding really just isn't effective and should only be used in specific cases such as with a doe with large ruffle preventing breeding, first timers, etc.

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