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Poor girl 🥰

That's looking very promising! See how it goes with the shirt, if it's still on her. If it helps more than it causes problems, I'd keep it on. But if it seems to be making her more upset than is helpful to prevent him nipping her back, then I'd remove it.

For expanding their area, because they seem to be getting along and doing well together where they're currently at, I would keep them there, but expand the pen. I'd maybe double the space and see how that goes for the next few hours. If it's too much at once, you'd likely see any problems in the first 2 hours.

If there are no issues after 2 to 4 hours and they're still doing well together after the added space, I'd increase it a little more, and a little more every few hours, until they have the whole kitchen space (if that's where they still are), if possible.

Once they have that whole area, I'd maybe give them a day or two in there while getting their permanent room all ready for them. I'd suggest dividing off a smaller space in the room to start them in, maybe 4x8. Then if they've been fine together in the kitchen during that day or two, I'd move them to their new room, into that smaller divided off space.

Then see how they do for the next few hours. If it sparks some territorial behavior from her or hormonal behavior from him, you'll need to give it enough time to settle back down. When they've been ok for a couple hours together, I'd suggest the same space expansion procedure as you did in the kitchen. Expand a little, give a few hours. If all is good, expand some more every couple of hours, until they have the room.

Now this isn't a procedure set in stone. It's just a guideline, to change as needed. If you try something and it's not working, revert back to what was, or find what does work best. Or if things are going really well and you feel you can push things a little faster, try it. I tend to proceed based on the feel I'm getting from my rabbits body language. If I don't feel a gradual space expansion is necessary because the buns have done so well, I'll just immediately open up that extra space to them, or move them right to their new space.

It's all based on their body language and their response. So if you know rabbits pretty well and how to judge good and bad body language, it will help you in determining how to proceed in their bonding.
Thank you, I have two shirts which are slightly different sizes, so I'm washing and changing them daily as Ash keeps weeing on her 🤦‍♀️ (stinky boy! 😂)

So far it's proved really helpful in keeping him off her, and it doesn't seem to bother her much at all.

I've expanded their space in the kitchen and there have been no issues whatsoever - they're doing really well and I've even felt comfortable enough to leave the house for a few hours today (I have a pet camera set up so it's easy to check on them anyway).

I'm waiting for some more cleaning products to arrive this afternoon so I can clean their space upstairs, then I'll move them up there tomorrow, so that'll be the big test 🤞

They're still cuddling up together and grooming each other - they seem very enamoured with each other! 🐰❤️🐰
It's sounding and looking, really good so far. I'm excited to see how they continue doing with each other, and how the change of rooms goes.

I'm glad the shirt is helping. Question is, when they've settled with each other and you remove it, will he start pestering her again. She may have to keep wearing it for a while. I guess it's good she doesn't seem to mind it.
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