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May 8, 2007
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, New Brunswick, Canada
Simi and Sisi have started thier bonding, and on the first day it went GREAT, they flopped down and cuddled, no grooming, but they seemed happy... Then 2 days later, they started fighting. It wasn't really like "Im gonna kill you!" It was more like "Pay attention to me" then "No, you pay attention to me!"... Anyway, I am wondering now, should I take them for a drive in the car? Every time they fought, I seperated them, put them beside each other and pet them... Then they'd be okay for a little while, and then start again... So should I take them for a nice long drive even though they fight a bit when they are my sisters bed, and my bed?

Thanks for reading!

You could try a car ride. It might scare them a little more and make them snuggle. Have someone else drive and sit them on a towel in the backseat. Sit next to them in case of fighting.

Honestly though, if both are unspayed the chances of them bonding are pretty slim.
Yay, you should spay them first. Although the fights may only be about turf. If so they'll stop eventually.

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