Bonded Pair Fighting?

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Nov 15, 2006
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Traverse City, Michigan, USA
Hello, I thought my rabbits were getting along fabously for the past three weeks in neutral terrority - grooming, cuddling, eating together, etc. I've been leaving them alone but then I caught them fighting today! Usually the buck doesn't want to and runs away - but he was attacking, too. Does this mean they aren't bonded, or will they fight from time to time? I'm scared!
Sounds like the buck is trying to dominate the female. I assume they are spayed/neutered? How old are they?

My male/female have been together for over 3 years and I have never seen them fight but they do always hump each others heads!
The doe was spayed in March and the buck was neutered in early May. The doe is almost one and the buck is 7 months old.

This is just strange because it's been 2 months since I started bonding them, and they NEVER once mounted the other one. I thought it was weird that neither one was trying to be dominant in that respect, although the female does nip at him to make him move.

Why is he just mounting her now?
My doe Lacey nips Starsky's bum when she wants him to move - typical bossy females :)

What were they actually doing when they were fighting - were they biting, scratching?
Oh yes, they were definitely fighting - they pulled fur out and everything, and their tails were standing straight up in attack position.

They did it again this morning, but I took them for a car ride and they are okay for the time being.

Why are they fighting now? Has their bonding taken a step backward?
Bonded rabbits really should not fight on a regular basis. If they're still fighting at all, then your work is not done yet. :( Are they both fixed?

They sound like they're still working out their territory and dominance issues. You'll have to give them some more time, maybe take them on a car ride or two - try a different bonding area. If they are stuck in a rut in the one area you are using, switch it up, try bonding them on a table, sofa, bathtub - just use a different area and work with thema agin.

It just sounds like it will take some more time. Don't house them together yet if they are still nipping each other that much and also keep an eye on them - you don't want a really bad fight to break out when you're not watching.


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