Best Litter Boxes & How To Create a Homeade Grate

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Jan 13, 2020
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Top 3 Rabbit Litter Box Picks:
#1: IKEA Cat Litter Box - $6
#2: Petmate Litter Pan - $9
#3: PetFusion Litter Box - $40*

Homeade Grate Instructions:
Step 1:
Purchase Lighting Panels - can also be found at Home Depot (1/2" squares).

Step 2: Make (4) Supports. Total of: 4 (approx. 3") bolts, 8 nuts, and 8 washers needed for 1 litter box grid covering. Put the bolt with a washer attached through the top side, then add a washer and nut from bottom side and tighten with wrenches.
TIP: Bring a piece of the lighting grid with you to the hardware store to determine the proper sizes of hardware needed!

Step 3: Cut to size using a large pair of diagonal plyers - for curved boxes use a sharpie to trace the plastic where you need to cut, then trim on a diagonal angle for the best fit. Grate should fit snugly about halfway down into the box.

Step 4: Assemble! I personally provide a hay manger hanging above the litter box for hay and / or pellets. Line with Puppy Pads and Yesterday's News Cat Litter. Change 2x / week. Enjoy clean rabbit feet!


*Note: Choice #3 is an expensive, yet luxurious litter pan. It is non-stick, and recommended by many rabbit owners as it makes cleanup extra easy! It has a low entry, so especially great for older / disabled rabbits.
**Photo credit: Blue Clover Rabbitry's IG
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