Bella's 3 week Kits

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Apr 1, 2023
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Haupiri: New Zealand
Here they are Bella's 3 week old kits. I couldn't get a photo of the 5th and last kit as it was very wiggly that morning. The photo of the single kit in 1st left-hand photo is one of the kits in the middle photo. I just took it to show the coloration better


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they are definitely more hippity-hoppity now, and now I'm having to provide more food for Bella and the babies, as they have started nibbling. They definitely annoy Bella, as they come out of their box and try and get under her and feed, and she hops around the place to escape them, her only comfort is her high perch on her second-story loft.

Grass distracts the Kits for a bit

Food food food. At least I live on a farm with plenty of grass to go around and herbs, and veggie leaves.

they are definitely worth the trouble though

So so cute

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