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Mar 6, 2004
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New York, New York, USA
I want to ask youwhat the "BeachBunnies 2004" event felt like! Use as many descriptive words as youlike, and be as descriptive as you can be!Since I couldn't go there because of Mr.Cuddles' "problems", Mr.Cuddles and I want to find out as much as possible about Beach Bunnies 2004!!!
But just don't go to overboard with the adjectives and adverbs, as the overuse of descriptive words candetract from thepoint you are attempting to make and confuse the reader.

Couldn't resist LOL Just happen to be currently teaching adverbs in grammar LOL

Wish I could attend the beach party -- a handwriting expert/psychic said I have some water issues going onthough. Weird - because I do indeed have a water obsession and actually have put a running fountain inmy house. My daughter interpreted it as my need to have control over the water and my need to contain it as I am afraid to drive across bridges that span water. I think my daughter should be a psychotherapist.

Pam :cool:

Dear Wishbone,

I happen to be somewhat centrally located to folks that have been on the Rabbits Only forum for a long time. Some are breeders, some are pet owners; they're all patient, loving, kind, compassionate, giving, and funny. I live very close to a lake, Lake Wononscopomuc, in the northwestern corner of CT. (It's the 2nd deepest lake in CT.) Last fall, I posed the question on the board, 'Why don't we have a party at the lake?' and 6 families responded that they would come!

So I picked the date of June 5th, 2004 and invited their families and friends and bunnies to come picnic with us that day. Since no dogs are allowed in the park, the rabbits will be totally safe. Of course, there are some woods nearby, so one has to keep an eye on their sly furry friend, but I'm not worried about that at all. The lake is a very country setting and private to the residents only. You don't have to bring Mr. Cuddles, I'm just extending that as part of the fun because we really will have some Beach Bunnies there that day. *laughs* I hope that answers your question.


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Dear Pam,

Interesting about what the handwriting expert/psychic and your daughter observed. I have someone like that in my life that when he says something, it seems to happen later on. Very spooky.

I really wish you could make it, but I understand that it's not feasible for everyone. If I was rich, we'd do it right and get everyone there. You'll certainly be there in thoughts, no doubt!

I know it's March and you've got a lot going on with your testing this month to further your Judgement Day. I prayed especially for you last night.

Watch out Pam. when your children begin to psychoanalyze you! Next thing you know they begin to treat you like a child and expect you to treat them as the adult. Next stop, nursing home, but then you're a nurse anyway, so that won't threaten you too much now, will it? ;)

We're planning to be there, with buns, and it would have been especially nice to meet you and your family, considering all the most expert advice you have extended to me in the past.

I'm sure we will get the opportunity to meet one another some time in the future.


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