bad bad maomaochiu!!!

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Jun 29, 2006
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Southern, Illinois, USA
ohhhhh, maomaochiu, what can i say about that little fart?! this afternoon, for the first time in 5 months, i saw tictac (the little hotot girl bunny) groom him (maomaochiu, my boy bun), diligently and affectionately. i was sooooooo happy that i did not even move a bit, kinda frozen, so that i won't interupt them, then guess what? as soon as tictac stopped, maomaochiu started to CHARGE at her, of course, she ran away, but i can feel how hurt her feelings must be........

what can i do to him? he obviously thinks tictac should groom him for hours like what i always do, but of course, she won't do it for that long.


Shame on you Maomaochiu! You should be ashamed of yourself;).

I can't believe he did that, wow:shock:. I'm sure others will be along to offer some advice, if there is any to give. They're bonded fully and housed together, right?
well, they still stay in seperate cages, but their cages are side by side, and sometimes, when they are out, they get into the other's cage and starts pooping, and sometimes, peeing!!!!

they are out for at least 3-4 hours a day, and most of the time, they ignore each other. sometimes, they nose each other, and both put their heads underneath the other trying to be groomed, then maomaochiu will try to nip and tictac will run away. othertimes, tictac likes to sniff maomaochiu's butt (that dirty girl)......
Okay, so you're letting them out together in non neutral territory? I wouldn't do that any more. I would have to say that if you haven't had to break up a huge, huge fight where injuries could have been sustained, you're lucky.

Please understand, for the safety of the buns, this is just not a good idea. They can spend time together on neutral territory while you supervise. But, unfortunately, you'll have to go through the entire bonding process before they can be out together.

Have you read about bonding and the steps necessary that should be taken? Let me know and I can get you the link. I mean, it does sound like they get along pretty good, but while not being 100% bonded, these risks exsist.
thanks! yeah, i've read about everything on bonding. and yes, they are on non-neutral territory when they come out b/c every square-inchunder this roof is maomaochiu's personal space :D, literally, since i let him roam freely everywhere before tictac's arrival.

and i am lucky b/c so far, they have not got into any serious fight yet. maomaochiu will try to nip at her or charge at her or chase her, but she is always quick and maomaochiu really, for the most of the time, just wants her to get away from his sight......

one good piece of news is that my fiance and i are moving to our new house soon, and that can be a neutral territory for them.
Ok good! You know what I just read in my House Rabbit Society Newsletter tonight? I've never heard this before, but they have an article on bonding in it and one thing it said is to try to house your rabbits in a different area than where they'll be housed after bonding. Eek! I hope this doesn't pose a problem for me as I am in the rebonding process now. The area they are housed in is the area they will coexist:shock:. Maybe someone with more knowledge of this will see this and let me know. I don't think it's crucial, or I'm sure I would've heard it before, but as I am having a few problems, this could be an issue later:(.

Good Luck with your two. Give TicTac some nose rubs from me and the gang! Heck, give that cutie Maomaochiu some too;).
Well, tell him thats not very gentlemanly of him. Shame on your Maomaochiu!

I think I would maybe try rebonding them when you move into your new place. Maybe take them on a long car ride in the same carrier before you go there, then set up their cages together. Hope that the neutral territory will help bond them.

For now, sounds like theyre ok together as long as no one is seriously trying to injure the other. A few nips and grunts are normal and ok as long as theres no real fighting.

Seriously though, chivalry is dead ;)

thanks, Haley! yeah, maomaochiu is certainly not a gentleman, but tictac is no lady either, especially when she gets fascinated by maomaochiu's butt, and tries to sniff there, nipping his butt, andfollowing him everywhere. i don't get this, she is spayed 1.5 months ago...... maomaochiu is very annoyed by it and always try to nip her back and run her away when she does that.

how are your buns? how can you manage to take care of 7 bunnies with all the other stuffyou are doing??? i get exhausted just with two... they keep my hands full and eyes wide open...(have to monitor so as to prevent a potentially serious fight)..:)

oops, sorry I missed your reply!

I really hope you can bond them, sounds like theyre both pretty fiesty :)

I dont really know how I manage with 7. I have two in my bedroom, two in my living room and three in my downstairs living room so I just try to divide my time when Im home in the evenings and on weekends. Its nice because Im taking online classes right now so when Im studying I can still be with the buns.

But oh boy is it a lot of cleaning! I feel like all I do is clean :)
Haley, I feel for you! with 2 bunnies, 4 litter boxes, 2 times a day, i feel that all i do is cleaning too. plus, little poopoo butt tictac loves to poop IN FRONT OF her box, and LOTS and LOTS of poops.........

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