Any at home remedies for fur mites?

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Mar 11, 2020
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My bunny has fur mites I’m pretty sure. I’ve done some research and I’m in not sure, does revolution get ride of mites ? If so does anyone know the dosage ? Also read a little regarding using olive oil, although I like that it’s natural is there anything else I could do as treatment right now ? Thank you!
I wouldn't do olive oil. It will make the fur a complete mess, and won't be that effective.

Revolution (selamectin) and ivermectin are the two more common mite treatments generally considered rabbit safe, with Revolution being easier and a little safer in my opinion. Revolution would be my first choice. Usually dosed at 18mg/kg for rabbits, but I wouldn't use less than 12mg/kg when treating mites. If in doubt or you have any concerns, it's best to consult with a knowledgeable rabbit vet concerning health matters.
Mineral oil works.

Maybe for ear mites, with consistent and careful application. But not for fur mites. You'd have to coat the entire body with the oil to make sure it smothered all the mites, and do it for several weeks to get the eggs that hatch later. Not only would that make the fur a complete mess, but it's simply not practical. Nor is it a good idea for the rabbit to be ingesting all that mineral oil from the fur while grooming, and it may not be safe for the rabbit either.

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