Another Bunny Lost His Litter Habits! What to do?

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Feb 14, 2023
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Arkansas, USA
Background: Our buck is 13 months old and neutered. He and his bonded spayed doe have the run of much of the house and are only confined to their pen at night. For nearly a year they have used a litter box in their pen 100% of the time (except for a few occasional poops outside their pen). For about two weeks they have been on a hay and greens diet.

When they first went to all hay (and no food pellets) I put the hay in the floor of their pen near the litter box; see this litter box in the provided picture. They scattered it and sometimes peed in it. It created a mess so I came up with a litter box feeder combo based on some ideas I found on line; see this litter box in the provided picture. Since I put the new litter box feeder combo in their pen, our buck has peed in the floor (living room rug and kitchen tile floor) several times. We clean it up and use vinegar water to mask the smell but he continues to pee in the same and different spots. I've read through a few posts but I can't figure out why he has lost his good litter habits. Does it have anything to do with the new litter box feeder combo?

Additionally, he seems to be pooping outside the pen more. He sits on the edge of a rug in the living room near us and leaves 6-8 poops there. He also leave 6-10 poops in the kitchen where he likes to sit and wait for his greens. As above, I can't figure out what caused these changes. Any input would be appreciated.IMG_20230531_210158106_HDR.jpg20231221_004305.jpg
This morning I modified the litter box feeder to just a feeder (see attached picture) and put the original litter box back. My reasoning is that the litter box / feeder was a big change from their smaller litter box. Well, my buck was eating out of it in the back corner and peed in the floor while he was eating. Have I confused him about where he needs to pee? I'd like to hear suggestions on how to correct this. Also, he hopped up on the couch last night and within 30 seconds, peed on the couch. What to do?


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It's possible the litter box changes were not to his liking. I would suggest loading his litter box with hay. Put the hay right on top of the litter in the box. Typically they like to potty while they graze. Refresh the hay once or twice per day.

If that doesn't seem to work, then he may need a "do-over." If so, then that would mean confining him to a small area that includes the litter box (set up as per below link). He would remain in the confined area until he pees nowhere other than the litterbox. His area would then only gradually be expanded as he continues consistent use of the litterbox.

Hopefully, just the addition of plenty of hay to his litterbox (removing the other source of hay) will be enough to get him back on track without having to do the do-over.
@Blue eyes thanks for the input. Should I move or remove the new hay feeder that's against the opposite wall of the litter box? If so, are both rabbits just eating the hay that's in the litter box? I just want to make sure I'm understanding.

I'm using the new hay feeder since they are eating lots more hay now and it keeps them from scattering it as much as when I was putting it just in the floor.
I def would not put any hay just scattered on the floor. As for the new hay feeder, since one rabbit was peeing on the floor while eating out of it, I would remove the hay feeder for now.

Both rabbits can eat hay out of the litter box. Just be sure to be generous with the hay (as per the link).

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