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Aug 23, 2017
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Hi everyone! I recently got a rabbit, his name is Oliver. I've had him for a day short of a week now. In that time, I've noticed several issues. He was sneezing all the time, so I changed his hay from Oat Hay to grass, but it changed nothing. So I looked up on the internet and came across snuffles. I can't afford a vet right now so I've been giving him apple cider vinegar (ACV)in a dropper diluted significantly with water. So far it seems to be working, he's been sneezing less, but I noticed he doesn't want to eat his cecals and even though he usually poops in his litter box, he's been pooping and peeing in different places around the house. Oliver isn't neutered which may be contributing to that. When I picked them off the ground recently I noted that he might have worms. He also seems very heavy today. he's only 12 weeks old though so I'm not sure if he's growing or something. He is eating very well, and is very active. should I continue giving him ACV or try laying off it for a little while? I might be paranoid, but I don't have a lot to go off of since I got him so recently...

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