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May 1, 2009
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, Ontario, Canada
For those of you who were following my Infirmary thread re: Moccasin, just wanted to let you know that I adopted a friend for Jinx today. We had a choice of two - Jinx did a short date with the one that appealed to me more. They largely ignored each other while they hopped around my kitchen, although she did half-heartedly box at him at the end, just to look tough, I suppose (she's a 3lb Sable Jersey Wooley who couldn't possible look tough now matter how hard she tried...LOL). She seems to be much more bold than Jinx, who is a very shy bunny. I think her personality will blossom and she'll have lots of 'tude.

She's now living in a large dog crate in his room and the two have completely ignored each other, which I find very strange. I had the same arrangement when I first adopted Muffy...and Fuzz did everything BUT ignore her, while she sprayed and marked territory...I guess I was expecting more of the same type of behaviour.

The other bun (also a JW) was much more nervous and quiet. Part of me wonders if I should not have chosen her instead. Both buns were dumped on a local rescue, one because she wouldn't breed (the one I took) and one because she was not show standards (whatever...). Neither bun have been spayed yet, (we have an appointment for next week).

Dani, if you're reading this, I'll email a pic as soon as I can!

LOL :biggrin2:

How'd you know I was going to ask!?

I'm sure Jinx will come around...being the quieter bunn he has had alot of upset and change in the last week or so...give him time to decide if this interloper is touching his STUFF! I'm sure he'll have something to say about it! :)

it is good to allow the buns to see and smell each other but you should not attempt any bonding at all for a long while.

An unspayed female can be extremely viscious even with a neutered male so you will need to wait until maybe 5 weeks or longer after her spay to make sure that she is fully healed to even attempt to bond the 2.

I hope that it works out for them as a pair.