what breed is my rabbit

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  1. S

    Can you help me with confirming there breed

    I’ve been wondering what breed my rabbits are, if you don’t mind please could you help. Thanks I’ve got four rabbits two buck’s and two doe’s Sorry if the pictures are bad I’m not good at taking pictures
  2. Chantelmedz

    What breed is our bunny?

    Hey everyone!! I’m brand new here so first and foremost, hello!!! We just adopted a bunny from our local animal services. This little guy was found abandoned with 2 other buns. We’re hoping someone here could help us identify the breed! We tried clicking on the “what breed is my bunny” thread...
  3. Michelledukes

    Need help! What breed is my bunny?!

    I'm not sure what his breeding is. When he stretches out he seems rather long and muscular. I think he has a full arch. Hes got rather large hind feet. A broken herringbone going down his back and V shaped ears and black tail. His name is chewie and I think he's rather young. Probably 3 months...
  4. Kayla Johnson

    What breed is my new baby?

    I just adopted Eleanor from a shelter, and her tag said that she’s an American Mix, but I want to find out for sure. I’m not the best at identifying, but I think she may be an American and Lionhead mix, but I’d like other opinions. They say she’s a year old and about 4.5 pounds(Aprox. 2.04kg)
  5. B

    What Breed is my Rabbit?

    I recently got my first bunny. Because he is a rescue I'm not sure what breed he is. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. He is only 3 months old, weighs around 3 pounds and is pure white with blue eyes.

    What breed is my bunny? A Netherland dwarf?

    Its my first post here HII My question is - my bunny (BunBun, male, four months old, weighs 750 grams), as I was told when I got him, is supposed to be a netherland dwarf, but from the research I’ve done he doesn’t look exactly like one, (which I have no problem with because he’s the cutest...
  7. C

    What breed is my Large rabbit!

    Hi i have a beautiful 18 month old Doe rabbit who is the love of my life. I got her when she was 9 weeks thinking she was a Flemish giant bunny that would get over 15lbs however it turns out she's just a "small" girl that is just over 10lbs. When I got her she was the smallest of them all by a...