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  1. G

    What do i feed my 2 month old bunny?

    He has unlimited hay. The only thing I need to ask about are pellets and veggies. How much pellets should i give him per day? Do i only feed him once? Should i wait until 5 months for veggies? What kind?
  2. Lemony4

    Organic spring mix vs purchasing own veggies?

    Hi all! I know there are some bun owners who feed their buns daily with organic spring mix, I've always bought my own vegetables and tried to have two staples and mix in a new third every time I shop. But it seems the spring mix would provide more variety. Lately I've been throwing out a lot...
  3. B

    Bonded pair - different diets?

    I'm new to bunny ownership but just adopted 2 cuties on Friday! Since they're still young (estimated age around 4-5 months), on the advice of the shelter vet, I'm continuing with unlimited hay and pellets, and beginning to introduce some veggies. Right now the veggies are just in very small...
  4. Sir Charles Marble

    Why do we need to moderate the consumption of specific Green leafy veges?

    Hi guys, New to the forum , first time bunny owner (minilop 6 weeks). I was doing some research on here to determine the amount/ type of food I should be feeding my bunny fear I may be getting him fat. A pinned post by NorthernAutumn (thank you)...