timothy hay

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  1. Lilsakli

    Is this good hay?

    I bought standlee Timothy compressed hay bale (50 lb) for the first time; there were brown mixed in throughout as well as dust. It smelled musty too, not sweet. I have three rabbits, and they barely ate it. The quality is very different from the 10 lb Standlee Timothy I buy from Amazon. Can you...
  2. Katie94

    Which is better for rabbits timothy or meadow hay.

    I’m confused which hay I should get for my rabbits. I’m changing hay supplier and have a choice between the two, I don’t really know if one is better than the other. I tried them with a sample of both and they ate both and were probably more keen on the meadow hay. I’m unsure which would be best...
  3. cassjane

    3rd Cutting Timothy Hay Okay?

    Hi friends! My 10 month old Holland Lop, Kyle, is an extremely picky eater to the point of starving himself if he doesn’t get food that he loves. However, he LOVES small pet select 3rd cutting Timothy hay. It’s really the only hay he will eat an adequate amount of (I’ve also tried their 2nd...
  4. B

    Alfalfa based diet for young rabbit - when to switch?

    Hi everyone, My rabbit is almost 4 months old and he’s currently eating unlimited alfalfa hay and oxbow’s young rabbit pellets. I’ve read mixed reviews on when to start switching over to timothy hay. At what age do you think it’s appropriate to start easing your rabbit into timothy hay...
  5. Gelly

    Small Pet Select Hay

    Anyone have opinions on small pet select 2nd cut timothy hay?
  6. Gelly

    Brought hay bale home- could this be fleas??

    I bought a hay bale from a local feed store (big mistake as I have nowhere to store it) and I found 3 little brown bugs. The bun has been shaking his head in a weird way but that could be just lazy binkies. Could these bugs be fleas?? I found 2 around his pen and 1 around the area where I put...
  7. Gelly

    Is this Timothy Hay good (photo attached)?

    I'm a new rabbit owner and I wanted to be economical and buy hay by the bale. I bought one from a feed store about a half an hour away from me. It was $20 for a 40 lb. bale. It doesn't look or smell as nice as the Kaytee timothy hay I had originally purchased for my bun. Can anyone tell me if...
  8. C

    Snake found in Oxbow hay

    I found a snake in my oxbow Timothy hay. safe to say I was a bit traumatised. I can't understand how they can claim to hand select this hay when I found a dried up crusty snake in my bag.