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  1. R

    Lonely rabbit??

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I would like to get your opinions about this. I've had my rabbit since last september. He is neutered and over a half a year old. He has become very destructive, he doesn't live in a cage. He has a quite large enclosure with fences around. His home 'base' is a...
  2. M

    Two female unbonded

    I have two Flemish giant not bonded female rabbits. Although that is a work in progress, I want to get them a new rabbit hutch. Currently they free roam at separate times in my house or in the outside pen. I have them in XXL cage so there is tons and tons of room to move even though they are...
  3. H

    Bonded bunnies humping

    I have 2 rabbits they bonded well and have been bonded for around 5 months with no problems. When they first bonded Barry would hump Sally but this stopped pretty quickly. Over the past 2 days I noticed Barry humping Sally again but she was just taking it as usual. Now Barry is humping her to...
  4. EmilyJayneHarlow


    Hey, Does anyone have any tips for grooming your bunnies, everytime I groom my rabbit, he always lunges at me and growls then runs away, He doesn’t let me groom his stomach either. Any tips would be helpful
  5. Zekeybun

    Where to find items for a real big bun?

    I recently adopted a rabbit who is at risk for ending up the pound if you didn’t find a home. As a kid we had several mini Rex’s and I’ve had a fair bit of experience there. We took my new boy Zeke to the vet for general exam and found out that he is actually a giant lop and almost 10 pounds...