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  1. K

    Spayed 2 year old rabbit keep peeing on my bed

    Hi guys, I got my rabbit around June 2020 and she was spayed sometime in November. I feel like I didn’t get to form a good relationship with her and she pees my bed out of spite. Back in 2020 we did some routine blood work and her kidney levels were high and she was treated for E. cuniculi and I...
  2. Nala-Bun21

    Post spay - bunny won’t come for hugs anymore ☹️ And digging excessively!!

    Hello, my little Nala was so affectionate and loved cuddles before her spay 2 weeks ago. She used to spend ages in my arms on the sofa but since her spay she seems scared of me in that respect! Her litter box use has massively improved and she isn’t marking on the sofa or spraying my feet! 🙏🏼...
  3. L

    Rabbit is eating lettuce, little hay, not drinking very much, and NOT POOPING AFTER BEING SPAYED

    Hi! My rabbit Clover was spayed Yesterday (May 4th), didn’t eat too much the first day (she was tired and I didn’t have the lettuce she wanted apparently), but she had a nice serving of romaine lettuce this morning, and maybe an hour ago? I even gave her some more a few minutes after based on...
  4. X

    How do I stop my spayed bunny peeing on my pillows?

    My 4 month old bunny keeps peeing on my pillows, I'm really confused as she's spayed which I thought would stop marking, She's totally free roam, I don't have a cage for her, and I can't afford one She normally sleeps on my bed at night on one pillow while I sleep on the other, she'll be fine...
  5. T

    Bonding Aggresive/Stubborn female Bunnies

    Hi. So I have two spayed female bunnies both roughly around 2 years old. I have tried bonding them multiple times doing different methods but to no avail. 1st time (3months) This was when I acquired the second bunny Dr.Yang. I set their enclosure next to each other but to make they do not...
  6. SorryBun

    Spay Area Infected ?

    I feel so bad it’s been 7 days since her surgery and she is a big girl and it’s hard to carry her. She was eating fine until Wednesday and Thursday after observing she stopped eating. I critical cared her and emailed the vet. What do you thing will happen next ?
  7. A

    Love or hate? Opinions needed!

    Hello guys! I have a bit of a strange situation with my bunnies, and I'm hoping someone here can have some enlightening opinions. I have two bunnies. Angel is two years and been spayed for 1.5 year. Teddy is approximately 6 months and also spayed two weeks ago. We rescued Teddy 3 months ago...
  8. D

    How long did ur bunny sulk after spay?

    Hi all Would you share how long your female bunny sulked after spay surgery? My female bunny has been sulking for 3 weeks post spay surgery. Her mood has been up and down. She already licks our hands in exchange for her head rubs. BUT there’s no sign of her asking for cuddles like she used to...
  9. M

    Spayed Pair of Females Fighting All of a Sudden.

    Hi, Brand new to this forum and I need some help. I have 2 female rabbits (Unsure of breed I'm afraid). We got them around 7 months ago. They were both in the pet store together and had already bonded. They were already very close and this is why we got both as we did'nt want them to be...
  10. J

    Bonding- one happy, one scared

    We have two rabbits and they are on the way to be bonded but one is scared of the other. The male flops all the time but at the start this is the one that bit the female. The other one is still scared and runs away every time he comes near her. If she’s in a corner she puts her head down while...
  11. PureKlutz

    Meet Lumina the diva bun

    My name is Lumina, and I am a beautiful chocolate English Angora doe. The world was graced with my existence on November 13th, 2014. ✨ I’m a spayed female, not looking for love. As a (widowed) single mama to over a dozen children I’m over the baby-phase. ‍♀️ I’m a retired prize wining show...
  12. Redrabbit

    Spayed rabbit not eating

    Hi, Our sweet bunny was spayed today and is so sad. She hasn’t eaten any hay and I haven’t seen her drink anything. I offered her some banana and she had a tiny nibble but not much at all. When should she start eating/drinking? I’m so worried Thanks so much
  13. S

    Rabbits hate each other after spay, impossible to bond??

    I have two free-roam female lion-head mix rabbits, about 11 months old. They are from the same litter and were very close until 2 months ago when they were spayed. They immediately nip and begin to brawl, which ultimately ends in me sweeping up clumps of hair. I currently have them in separate...
  14. Humphrey&Olive

    Suddenly become aggressive ?

    I have two mini lops, my buck Humphrey is 9 months old and my Doe Olive is 7 months old. Humphrey was neutered a while ago, and until Olive was spayed we kept them in separate cages, but got them out at the same time occasionally to bond, (making sure he didn’t mount her). They were getting on...
  15. S

    My rabbit became aggressive after being spayed

    Hello! I have two female rabbits, Nene and Kuu, that are about three years old. These two are sisters and they used to constantly be next to each other, grooming, and sleeping together. There were times when Nene would chase after Kuu - she never fights back - and that was when we decided to...
  16. T

    Rabbit extremely agreesive

    hi, I have had my rabbit Tonks for two years. She was around 8 months old when I brought her home from the rabbit society. She has been spayed, has an extra larger dog cage, unlimited supply of hay, pellets recommended by my society, a cup and a half of Romaine lettuces everyday with a...
  17. kelly warren

    spayed incision

    I have a female rabbit who was just spayed February 14. The vet informed me to check her incisions regularly but not too often. I checked the day I brought her home, February 15th, & the incision was stitched together in a straight line. I checked again today and it seems more of a circular...
  18. AmyM

    Spayed rabbits refuse to bond and pee on my kids!

    I adopted my two female rabbits as kits from the pet store together over a year ago. They were very good friends then.. they would groom each other, and lay by each other, but it was obvious that Sprinkles was the dominant rabbit and Henry was more submissive. I had them both spayed about six...
  19. R

    One neutered female and one not.

    So Rexy-Roo our female rabbit was neutered on Thursday and has been inside in her play pen recovering. We have another female rabbit Mrs Bunnykins who in not neutered as we couldn’t afford to have them done at the same time! Mrs Bunnykins will be neutered at the end of the month. We’ve kept...
  20. lunlow

    Re-Bonding Rabbit Help?!

    Hey! I have 2 fixed female rabbits at about 9 months old that I need to re-bond. They were put together by the pet shop at about 8 weeks old (a week before I got them myself) and they said there would be no problems with them. As a first bunny owner, trusting a well-known pet shop, I happily...