skin falling off. flaky skin. dry skin. help

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  1. BunnyBit

    Need help for my bunny.

    My bunny is more than a year old now and o just noticed that there some kind of flaking at the side of his mouth so I brought him to the vet. And the vet just gave me some vitamins and sorts. I had given him timothy based pellets before it started and was asked to stop feeding it to him and just...
  2. Bambithebunny

    Bunny bald patch? Irritated please help!!

    Hello everyone! So last friday I was grooming my bunny and I usually pluck out the hair around her tail with my hand. Of course I don't pull too much, just enough to make the already loose hair fall. Anyways I noticed that there was a lot of hair falling out a bit over her left back leg and when...
  3. Sophie.k2002

    Flaky skin and falling off. I have no ideas.

    My Maggie has been having dry skin problems for about a month. i have taken her to 3 vets and none worked. The flakes on her skin are falling off. I added some olive oil to help with the skin that underneath. The flakes have covered her ears, neck and a little bit of her head. I am very worried...