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  1. aquaspiral

    Advice for Bunny who isn't eating

    Hi everyone, My pet bunny, Onigiri, is a lionhead mix, 11 months old and is neutered. Last night he ate his dinner and everything was normal. This morning he had zero interest in his food and did not want his preferred treats, any fruits, veggies, or water. His activity level was about 90%...
  2. DianaNicula

    Bunny has hard stomach

    Since friday my bunny won’t eat normally. On Friday she didn’t eat neither poop, on Saturday i took her to the vet and the vet gave me critical care to force feed her. She started to drink water on her own that night. Today I started giving her simeticone for gassy bowls and she started eating...
  3. zoe2112

    Rabbit gassy everyday

    Freddie is frequently experiencing gas and I don’t know what’s causing it. He is constantly eating hay and continues to pass faeces but his stomach makes popping sounds and is firm and tender to the touch. He was treated for GI stasis in Feb and was admitted earlier this month with gas. He’s had...