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Oct 14, 2012
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San Francisco, California, USA
Hi everyone,

My pet bunny, Onigiri, is a lionhead mix, 11 months old and is neutered.

Last night he ate his dinner and everything was normal. This morning he had zero interest in his food and did not want his preferred treats, any fruits, veggies, or water. His activity level was about 90% of his usual baseline of behavior and playfulness. He is alert and outgoing. He gets papaya enzyme tabs everyday and he is frequently brushed.

So I called a vet (not his normal one due to no emergency appointments available), and got him an appointment.

In the interim, I gave him critical care via syringe (which he got everywhere and did not each much of it), gave him water via syringe, gave him some of the Sherwood appetite restorer, and 1cc of baby simeticone (in case of GI stasis. I did have metoclopramide still from my guinea pig, but did not feel comfortable giving him medication that was unprescribed for him. And I still had some metacam from the neutering back in July 2019, but also didn't give him that).

After eating the appetite restorer and simeticone he pooped quite a bit in his litterbox and things were looking up.

At the vet he was fully examined, given iv fluids, and x-rayed, and nothing notable was found. His teeth are in excellent condition, same as his ears, his kidneys, eyes, respiratory, etc. The only things she found were that his temperature was 99 which is a little low for a bunny (depending on his baseline which I don't know), and that there might be some little piece of carpet or something really small stuck in his stomach. She said there were no obstructions. She told us to continue the critical care and to add in metacam twice a day.

Now tonight, he is refusing food still and it is very difficult to feed him the critical care, but we are trying our best (he spits it out and boy it's everywhere now). I just gave him another round of appetite restorer and some electrolytes.

I am just very concerned because the vet basically said that sometimes these things happen, but I feel very powerless about how to proceed. He will be continually monitored and fed crit care/water/metacam as prescribed. He is less active after the appointment--which makes sense since they had to sedate him to do the xray and he is lethargic, but still alert and active when avoiding his crit care.

But I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Also because she wasn't a vet I had been to before, is this a legit course of action? I will call my other vet tomorrow to see if I can get a follow up, but I'm just very concerned that something else is wrong or that he just won't eat.

I was wondering if it was stress initially, but there have been no major changes in the home or environment for him recently. Just to give some info, he lives in an xpen with extension that is about 72" x 44" He is usually free roam in a bedroom, but during late night, we close his xpen just in case he somehow gets through something.

thank you so much for helping me out ;;-;;


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Dec 9, 2017
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That sounds like GI stasis, keep on doing what you are doing and give him gas drops. Make him move, have a warm place to snuggle up to and massage his stomach.

It’s important that he get food in the system. You can also massage the stomach, to help it work.

My own boy refused eating food and got GI stasis, he was like yours impossible to feed critical care and spit it up. So my vet took him over and he had to stay at the vet little more than 24 hours, so he had watch and was hook up to iv the whole time until he started to eat and get his stomach working.

I hope everything go well with your boy and he start eating.

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