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  1. M

    Red ears

    Hi there I recently asked about ear mites on another thread and long story short I have been using baby oil on my rabbit to try and kill the mites it doesn’t seem to be working so I’ve called my vet and booked a appointment , the baby oil got on her skin and has seemed to irritate it as this...
  2. U

    Bunny has sore hocks!

    Jamie had been off his food for a while and just sitting around not doing very much. Initially he was treated for GI stasis (twice!), then they thought it might be his teeth so he had them filed, now the latest discovery is that he has sore hocks! My Vets recommendation was.. can you believe...
  3. Image


    Found this on my bunny this morning, what is it?
  4. Blossposs

    Missing Fur and Dandruff

    I have a 3 year old indoor Holland lol rabbit who I noticed recently is balding and reddened irritation right above the tail with dandruff and patchy hair where I suppose it’s trying to grow back in. It’s not a large area, and he doesn’t have it anywhere else on his body. I’m currently in...