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    I tattooed my rabbits 2 weeks ago and will be going to a show in 2 weeks from now! When will the ink start to scab off? Will the be ready for the show? And can I wash the ear with alcohol to got the ink off or is it to early? Thanks
  2. Kaden@oakleyrabbitry

    Chinchilla Dutch Variety

    Hello, I have a question. In all of the shows, I have been to in my area I have never seen Chinchilla Dutch. I breed dutch, Specifically Black, Blue, and Tort. I am looking into Chincilla dutch and can't really find out how they are breed. Does anyone know what two varieties you breed or how you...
  3. LillianD

    Rabbitry name!

    I’m super excited to start breeding show quality Rex Rabbits. But I need a name for my soon to be rabbitry. So here’s some fun facts about me to help you guys help me come up with a name! - I am an FFA president and in my local 4H - my favorite color is pink! -my bunnies are a rescue named...
  4. Kate7654

    Can I move a pregnant doe?

    I have a doe that’s just turned 3. She hasn’t been breed in 7 months. I live in Minnesota and winters are so cold and my rabbits stay in the garage in the winter witch keeps adults warm enough but not young kits. I would like to Breed my doe before winter sets in but, we are switching her into a...
  5. Alyssa Allard

    Rabbitry Name ideas???

    I need healp naming my rabbitry! Currently we breed lionheads but will be breeding english lops. we have alot of lilacs where i live so I was thinking maybe something with lilac in the name?
  6. LavenderLopLover

    What to expect at a rabbit show?

    Im wondering what should i be expecting when i go to a rabbit show to show my rabbits?
  7. Old garden house rabbitry

    Rabbitry Hutch question

    Hi all, Im in the process of contracting a log cabin to house my (future) bunnies- "Old Garden House Rabbitry "I will be breeding Vienna marked and Split Mini Lops in the UK in the near future. I will be Building 6ft x 3ft x 2ft solid floor cages with a 'jump'. My question is: Should I...