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  1. Breemarie77

    Bunny bonding behavior change

    Hello! I recently adopted a 3yo fixed female and I have a 1yo unfixed male. He’s getting fixed but it’s not until January. I have their cages in the same room, and I’m actually thinking about separating them now as he has started spraying and not eating as much because he can’t stop thinking...
  2. B


    Hello guys please help me I don't know what's wrong with my rabbit It's 4:30AM for me and she's been acting weird for a couple of hours She'd stand still in her place and not move for very long periods of time She didn't come get her favorite treats Her droppings were smaller than usual She lied...
  3. B

    Rabbit digging/chewing carpet, and now towel?

    Hi there, My 3 month old new rabbit has been digging at the carpet so I placed some towels around the exercise pen. He is now digging/chewing up the towel. Is there any way to change this behavior? He has chew toys like a bundle of sticks, plushies, etc. And plenty of room to run around in...
  4. Morgan Mayon

    Rabbit is eating paper

    So, I have got a rabbit. It's female. She has lost her mate some days ago. She was in depression. However, she has got rid of that situation and now she is behaving well. She has become playful too. But I am noticing something new in her. That is, she has started eating papers! Well, she is...
  5. N

    Rabbit digging on me like it’s a sport

    So our rabbit is about 3 months old (just started hitting puberty) and he loves to dig specifically on me I can pick him up and set him in my lap (he doesn’t mind being held...most of the time) and after a few pets he will start digging in my shirt like crazy and stop and bit my shirt pull on it...
  6. allyxoxo

    Rehomed Bunnies

    Hello! So recently I had to rehome two of my baby bunnies in order to care for the other two babies, (they are very small for their age), and their mama who is still recovering from being sick. I had rehomed another one of my rabbits to the person who took in my babies and she keeps him inside...
  7. Floyd2019


    Hi guys! SO floyd is 7 months and not neutered (because of health issues i am waiting for him to be stable and healthy for a while before neutering him, he just started being healthy again this month!) BUT ever since he was 8 weeks old he would pee on my carpet. I managed to litter box train him...