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  1. Gelly

    My bunny prefers his small cage to the ex-pen!?

    Originally when we got our bunny, we knew little about rabbits. He was a surprise birthday present so I hadn't really prepped. We bought him a 2 and a half by 1 and half foot cage with a ramp up to a little loft area before we knew rabbits actually need way more space. Once I learned, I attached...
  2. caseita

    Where should i put the wire?

    So i'm gonna have to put some wire mesh in my X pen because he was able to escape, and i was wondering if i should put in on the inside or out of the pen? Dont want him to get hurt or be able to escape either. Would appreciate some advice, thanks.
  3. caseita

    Which wire is best for rabbit bunnies?

    My small lop rabbit was able to escape his pen, i've heard that they can chew on chicken wire pretty easily, which wire/mesh do you recommend?
  4. Gelly

    Cat toys for rabbits

    I see all these rabbit scratch boards mostly made of cardboard and I'm wondering if those are safe for buns. I could so see my bun having a great time with one but I want to make sure they're safe first.
  5. Faye HP

    Fighting rabbits - what to do?

    Hi all, So I wanted your opinions on what we should do about our rabbit situation. We have two male rabbits, both neutered, each about 15 months old. We were originally told that they were brothers but it’s not clear whether this is true. The bunnies were previously bonded until we went on...
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