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  1. Pinkiepets

    My bunny isn’t giving birth!

    Hi guys! I was wondering if you could help me?! My bunny is on day 31 of pregnancy and I know she is pregnant because she built a nest and I could see baby’s moving in her tummy ,so how come she haven’t given birth yet?!😥
  2. Brooke0924

    Can’t tell if my young rabbit is pregnant

    My girl rabbit is about six months old and I’ve noticed she seems like she is either licking or pulling for from the other female rabbit I have could she have possibly be pregnant I keep her separate from the male but I have put them together and left them for a few minutes so they know each other
  3. Old garden house rabbitry

    Doe Nesting on day 20?

    I mated my doe on the 21st February. 6 successful fall offs, though both buck and doe are first timers. She has gained around 200g+ so far since being mated, gotton very aggressive- especially if I touch her stomach. Tried feeling her belly and her nipples seem larger and belly rounder but I...