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  1. Gelly

    Will my rabbit start hating me if I try to cut his nails?

    He's only about 15 weeks old and we've been bonding really well. He binkies a lot and seems to really like us. I'm afraid that if I attempt to hold him down and cut his nails, he'll see me as danger and it will thwart the bonding process. Any tips would be appreciated for new bunny nail cutters...
  2. Bumble Bunny

    Trimming nails

    Looking for any advice on trimming a difficult bunnies nails. Any tips or tricks you have would be great to hear. Thanks!
  3. T

    Toe/nail injury

    Hi there, I returned home from a weekend trip to discover that one of my buns has seriously injured the inner most toe on his back right foot. Nail is still there but base is crusted with blood and toe itself is swollen and red. Angle of nail is normal, but clearly something is wrong. He is...