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  1. BelleBlanche


    Hey, My name is Bel and my rabbit is called Reemus. (Yes he is alone after being partnered, and he has been on two rabbit dating holidays without succes) I am moving and he is coming with me. He is free-roamed in a bunny proof house. He has a cage for doing his business but the door cannot...
  2. Haybun

    Moving to a New City | Need Advice/Flying with Rabbits

    My boyfriend and I are looking to move to Monterey from San Diego this coming fall, but I have hesitation due to our two rabbits becoming ill from the long drive. In the past one of our rabbits has gotten GI stasis after we travelled with him to Monterey. He gets stressed easily so I want to...
  3. dejathebun

    Bunny afraid of hardwood floors - Help we are moving!

    Hello all, Thank you for reading my post. My bunny Asa is terrified to walk on hardwood floors. I adopted her 2 years ago and this has always been the case for. her. The problem now is that I am moving to a new condo (Sept 1st) that is only hardwood floors. I will get area rugs but still the...
  4. M

    Malnourished or worse?

    3 months ago we neutered our rabbit . He opened the wound though and it got inflamed so the vet put him on antibiotics without any probiotics which messed up his digestive system. We noticed it was bad only after it got really bad... He lost a lot of weight since he wasn't eating, we took him to...
  5. Hartlea

    Moved to New House...Nervous Bunny

    hi! I have one adorable Holland Lop, and yesterday morning, we moved into a new duplex together (along with my parrot). Initially, he actually didn’t seem THAT scared... I was somewhat pleasantly surprised. However, this morning (after our first night here) he seems much more skittish and...
  6. Roe

    Travelling with my bunny

    Hi, I'm going to be travelling with my bun for about 4-5 hours by train and by bus as I am moving house, just wondering if anyone has any tips and advice on how to make this as stress free and calming for him as possible? Hes done short 10 minute car journeys to the vets and has never had a...
  7. blwinteler

    Moving halfway across the country. Travel tips?

    My bf and I are moving to Colorado. We are renting a uhaul truck to move our stuff. I have purchased two soft-sided carriers for my buns so that they can fit nicely in the uhaul with us. It is approximately a 12 hour drive. I'm concerned about them pooping and, especially, peeing during the...
  8. Popsicles

    Rabbit and kitten

    So I move back and forth between uni and home with my bunny (who is free range). She is really relaxed and not bothered by new environments, or anything really. When I go back to uni in September I will be moving into a different house than before, with new housemates. My new housemate likes the...