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  1. N

    Constantly itching

    I'm a first time rabbit owner!!! Am I just over worrying?. My 9 week old male bunny itches himself all day. The vet confirmed he doesn't have any parasites at all but he continues to itch. What could it be? What can I do to soothe his itching? He also spent the whole day sleeping and itching...
  2. Gelly

    Brought hay bale home- could this be fleas??

    I bought a hay bale from a local feed store (big mistake as I have nowhere to store it) and I found 3 little brown bugs. The bun has been shaking his head in a weird way but that could be just lazy binkies. Could these bugs be fleas?? I found 2 around his pen and 1 around the area where I put...

    Fur mites? I’m really worried

    My bunny has been itching his skin and ears (mostly ears & shaking head) for a few weeks but the vet said it was nothing cause he didn’t have brown crust or any other visible sign. In the past few days I’ve been seeing some suspicious dandruff looking flakes on his fur (sometimes on forehead or...
  4. B

    What can I do for itchy bunnies?

    I have angora bunnies and I tecently found a problem! I can only figure it was from some bad hay that was brought into my hutch. I think they have gotten fur mites! They look like they have a severe case of dandruff! And they now seem to all have it! I spin their fur so it is a real problem! I...