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  1. Honeybunny.


    My rabbit refuse to let my cut it’s nails and it really needs to be done. So I’m thinking of taking him to a groomer. If anyone has any ideas or knows a good groomer for rabbits please let me know.
  2. Leaf823

    Bonding - Grooming Too Much??

    I am in the process of bonding my two rabbits. An older female and a younger male. The male is fixed and the female is not. The bonding has been going well so far however, when the younger male grooms my older female he seems to be pulling too hard. I noticed this after I saw the female had a...
  3. B

    Over a Year in our House, but Still Refuses Petting/Grooming

    I adopted Frost from the Humane Society over a year and a half ago. She was there because her previous owner (who had her for the first year of her life) was an animal hoarder. I believe that she was neglected. She was used, the day of adoption, for a Bunny Basics training class, where she was...