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  1. bunnypop

    my bunny has a gurgly tummy?

    whenever i listen to my bun's belly i can hear the soft gurgling, but today it was louder than usual. i could hear it when i was close to him, but not from a distance or anything even in a quiet room. he's still had an appetite for his hay and has been drinking his water, but i wanted to make...
  2. Nicole Lindsay

    Digestive/Diet issue?

    Hi all, I'm very new to being a bunny mum and to these forums so I'll try and keep it short and simple. I had a slight scare with Bruno; my 10-week old Frenchie 2 days ago. In the evening, he started to pant and press his belly to the floor, his whole behavior changed. At first, I thought he...
  3. Lovey116

    Bloating,Gas or something else?

    Hello, So about yesterday I noticed that my 1 year old Himalayan rabbit was acting “off” She is usually gets very excited when I walk in the room. But now she barely cares. Her eyes fallow me across the room but that’s all. I hear her grinding her teeth, probably in discomfort. I can also hear...
  4. Maki_p29

    Help! Bunny very gassy and not eating

    My bunny Hawkeye has been really gassy since 11pm yesterday evening, around 12am I’ve given her baby gas drops and again at 1am, made a slurry of hay pellets/water and pumpkin purée and gave her some gas discomfort tea at room temperature. She has issues with chronic bladder sludge so she is on...