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  1. Kenzie122_

    Rabbit harassment

    I have a male and female rabbit who are kept separate due to neither being neutered. They are free roam in separate rooms however there is only one door separating them which family members continue to leave open even after being told not too. My male rabbit when he gets out of his room will...
  2. cassjane

    Best Bunny Toys?

    Hi everyone! I recently got a 9-5 job and poor Kyle will be home alone during that time. Unfortunately getting him a friend is not an option. (He is free-roam in my bedroom, so at least he is not locked in a cage all day!) I’m wondering what are some toys he might enjoy to keep him busy and...
  3. B

    Bringing in a new mate after a death

    Hello all. I have a 3.5yr old cage free indoor male dwarf lionhead named Buddy. yesterday, we lost our dear sweet Olivia, a 3yr old Holland lop. She was on critical care for a few days due to overgrown teeth caused a weight loss. She was bringing the weight back on and being an amazingly sweet...