flaky skin. mites. skin irritation. dry skin

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  1. I

    Revolution dosage

    Hi, I have two indoor bunnies, Obito (He's 1 year, weights about 1,5kg) and Rin (She's 10 weeks old, weights about 0,86kg) and I suspect that they might have fur mites. So I have the revolution for puppies and kittens (15mg/tube) and I plan on giving it to them, but after researching a bit I'm...
  2. abbyp1001

    HELP, is something wrong with my bunny?

    We noticed today that there is some cracking or something going on underneath my rabbit’s fur. He hasn’t really been acting that abnormally, but we have seen him itching himself more. He eats regular amounts of Timothy hay, pellets, leafy greens, and some vitamin cookies that are also made of...
  3. Sophie.k2002

    Flaky skin? Mites? Or allergic reaction?

    Maggie's skin was red for awhile because of a shampoo That was mistaken as rodents shampoo. I took her to a vet and the vet did an injection on her. And a prescription to give her 1/8 of a pill for three days, every 12 hours. Now her skin is flaky. Just the part that was red. In her shoulders...