diy rabbit treats

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  1. The Bunny Fiesta

    Bunny 4th of July Party!

    Watch my bunnies, Timmy and Esme, eat a bunny-safe burger & fries (made from fruits/herbs, only). Stick around for the DIY After-Party, where we show you how we made our DIY Bunny Burgers and "Bonfire" Bunny Toy! If you're interested in making fun, unique DIY snacks for rabbits, or just want...
  2. The Bunny Fiesta

    Bunnies Go Glamping!

    Happy Start of Summer from my Timmy and Esme! They Went camping and had a fun summer snack! See the whole Bunny Glamping Party, complete with Bunny munching sounds: Want to see more bunny parties or fun DIY rabbit, check out our YouTube channel, The Bunny Fiesta, here...
  3. The Bunny Fiesta

    DIY Bunny-Safe "Sprinkle Donut"...?

    June 4th is National Donut day, So I make my rabbits a bunny-safe sprinkle donut (made from fruit/veggies & flowers). See our whole bunny donut party, complete with bunny munching sounds here: Want to see how we made the bunny-safe Sprinkle Donut...