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  1. jacobyjl

    Myxomatosis Vaccine

    (I am currently based in Dallas, TX.) The veterinary hospital that I currently work at has recently introduced the RHDV2 vaccine to offer to our rabbit patients. I have recently come across that there is a vaccine for Myxomatosis. Are there any veterinary hospitals out there that are offering...
  2. brittanybunny19

    Kennel cough in rabbits?

    My boyfriends mom recently got a dog and it has kennel cough. I do not live with them, but I spend a lot of time at their house. I have three rabbits at home and I am really worried about my rabbits developing snuffles or pnemonia from this dogs kennel cough. I have been trying my best to change...
  3. T

    Small spot in rabbits eye

    Hi, today i noticed a small spot in my rabbits eye. It stays in place and doesn’t move when the eye is closing. Could it be E. cuniculi? Other than that my rabbit is fine and happy. Her apetite is huge and she has lots of energy. I will be taking her to the vet tomorrow but there are no vets...
  4. Miffythebun


    Hi, just found a wild rabbit in the middle of a country road (he was lying floped so got out to move him and he just stayed lying there so went to pick him up to move him and he was so docile- obviously very sick so I couldn’t leave him and drove him home. Carried him in an old jumper and...
  5. apryl

    am i able to get another bunny/what gender is my current one?

    hello, so i have a dwarf hotot bunny and i tried getting her a friend a couple times but they each died and it messed with me pretty bad. i think i might have figured out why but i’m not sure. so before, i had a black dwarf male. a year or two later, someone had found two wild newborn baby...
  6. O

    Bunny has myxomatosis - I need your help

    Hi everybody, This is my first post and, as you can see by the title, a very sad reason brings me to this forum... So my giant French lop has myxomatosis... Five days ago I went out to his cage and saw that his eyes were really red and swollen. I took him the vet and he had a full health...
  7. W

    Feral Rabbit Losing Fur

    I saw a feral rabbit for a few times and noticed that its black fur is turning into light grey and whitish color. Its back is also beginning to lose some of its fur. Is this a sign of malnutrition or a disease? How do we treat this condition? It hurts to see this bunny suffering...Please help...