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  1. Bunnygreen

    Cecotrope floor marking?

    Hi! I recently adopted my rabbit Dr. Cheese from a shelter and absolutely adore him. However, he is my second rabbit and I was a bit concerned about his digestion within the first 2 weeks. I noticed that he seems to leave small circular brown "spots" on his mat in his playpen and my last rabbit...
  2. cosmoluna

    really small droppings and won’t eat breakfast

    Hello everyone. I posted a thread yesterday asking about which digestive supplements might help my bunnies but got no answers. Today has been about the same as yesterday, with my buns both eating hay and greens. They will eat compressed hay bales, oxbow digestive health supplement, and greens...
  3. cosmoluna

    Best Digestive Support Suplement?

    Hi everyone! For the past few days my buns have both randomly had very small droppings and don’t want to eat much early in the mornings. They eat hay and fresh veggies in the afternoon and evening perfectly fine, and are drinking water. They also act very normal and have been more active...
  4. Lesterrose

    GI Stasis

    Hello :) About 6 months ago I unfortunately had terrible experience with GI Stasis, at the time I was a very new rabbit owner and wasn't aware of the risks and my vet at the time was pretty useless when it came to diagnosing so I very sadly lost my little girl! Since this I have been very...
  5. bri <3

    molting + disgestion problems

    hi everybody! i have a 6 month old rabbit and she is currently shedding. 2 weeks ago, she had an upset stomach and was gassy, it scared the life out of me because she wasn’t eating and drinking from the pain. i gave her pineapple juice + baby gas drops and she was back to normal eating again...
  6. S

    Rabbit Diarrhea?

    One of my 1 yr old rabbit has been excreting like this since yesterday (a little). We spotted the watery stools once on the floor today afternoon but wasnt sure what it was. Now in the evening we spotted these (pics attached, the other normal stools in pics 4 and 5 may or may not have been mixed...
  7. A

    8 week old holland lop // Mucus with soft stool

    Just a week ago we took home an 8 week old holland lop. She's very reclusive and remains in the hideout we put for her in her pen practically all the time except to come out and eat for a bit or if we try to play with her and get her to socialize. The breeder we bought her from told us not to...
  8. Floyd2019

    Question about Cecotropes!

    Hi all! So my bunny is an un neutered male, 7 months old. Ever since i got him he has struggled with diet issues and cecum disorders etc which is why he hasn't been neutered yet. He is finally healthy and on a well balanced diet of timothy hay and greens. I used to see cecotropes everywhere...