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  1. b.tate

    Can bunny's drink tea?

    Hi all, I had a bunny pass away from gastro as he became dehydrated. I have seen one of my bunnies has a bit of a runny tummy and now I'm freaking out about her becoming dehydrated! She is drinking and eating fine, maybe I am just being over dramatic. I saw online that if you would like to get...
  2. Hartlea

    PLEASE HELP! Rabbit not drinking/eating well after Molar Spurs

    Guys, I need some help/support/advice, etc. My 1 year old Holland Lop had some molar spurs filed down Wednesday afternoon... I had noticed he wasn’t eating as well. He definitely had abrasions in his mouth. Anyway, long story short, I got him home, and I could get him to eat mushy pellets...
  3. B

    Severely dehydrated Bunny help pls

    I have 3 kits that will be 4 weeks on the 19th. I've had alot of trouble with the runt off and on this whole time. She will eat really good for a few days to a week and then will not want to barely eat. I'm feeding them goats milk with KMR added. The other 2 are gaining weight regularly and...